My life story in brief

No one would blame you if having gone through the conventional years of schooling, you would be ingrained with the idea that formal office job has to be everyone's dream endeavor but I ought to tell you that it really is not my stuff. Before this, I was disillusioned into supposing that corpoarte job was the best alternative. At one point of time, I was even into believing that most people going around in their professional office suits and attires were cool. Needless to say, I was tremendously driven to excel in my professional job.

A couple of years afterwards, things have taken a remarkable u-turn. I began to realise that in reality, corporate life is not as cool as the way I imagined to be. Don't be misguided. It really isn't that I didn't manage to end up in major conglomerates and in fact, I secure myself right into one of the world's most popular companies. But guess what, the 2 years that I spent working there was marked with agony and it was hard for me to force myself to remain even until six pm and that was when I told myself that it was most likely best to go forward.

I don't agree if you think that I made the decision due to pulsation as I ended up with the judgement strictly as a result of rigorous deliberation and observance of my peers. The awful realities is even though I saw a few of them to be happy, the vast majority weren't and they are dreadful with regards to their lifestyle possibly to the extent that I feel. The paradox of thing is the depression is not anything that is triggered by lack of financial reward. In view that our nation is still digging ourselves from the economic fall off, we were properly remunerated.

I called it leave office not as a result of there was no job security. But it is the office politics that pissed me off. I really like being just the way I am and could not stand it if I have to put up a side that I am not. I really like arguing but only when everyone argue on the benefits of an idea rather than some hidden intention. I take myself 20 and thirty years in the future and picture how miserable life might possibly be if I needed to be caught in such 'corporate jail'. I only have 1 life and I will want to appreciate it. After periods of cunctation, I decided to cease procrastinating and never to look back again.

For me, I am still more fortunate than most of my friends as I maintained my way of life easy and accumulated sufficient savings over the 2 years to facilitate me to embark upon my interest now. Guess how my life is now? (clue: I devote most of my time in the pantry) I might need to be working longer hours with lower compensation but I don't ever need to turn to my wristwatch on a regular basis just to wait for the clock to strike past 6.

I am publishing this weblog out of hobby and I just would like to see how brilliant I am into this whole blogging thing. They are just my approach to telling what I understand and run through daily. If you find my articles or blog posts valuable, that is good. Else, thank you for dropping by.